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Kamis, 26 Mei 2016

What a Great Day


Yesterday is really my blessing day. I swam in the morning and it always gives me the best pleasure. I bring my body and soul in a super relax condition. I can forget all of the mess in my life in a while, althoughhh my skin is getting darker hehe. In the afternoon, I got this semester GPA result and I got my best hehe, mum and dad are so happy to hear that. I think it's not because my GPA that makes me so amused, it's rather because I have made my parents happy. I am so happy to have very supporting parents like them. Loveeeee. Another thing that brings me to blissfulness is I have accepted to get my intern in Uber Bandung. I am so xcited since I have a deep interest in Start-Ups and I will challenge a new experience.

Some good things that bestowed by the God really motivates me so much. It's like bringing me to strive for greater goods more and more. It energizes me! It encourages me! It drives me to be grateful of my hard effort result. I am so grateful enough, I really love God. I am ready to take a new challenge and rally my entire endeavor to the fullest!

Always be positive, have a great day ^^

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