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Minggu, 22 Mei 2016

What does my life mean?

Most of people who know me should appraise me as an ambitious. Yeah I can't deny it... but actually "a big dreamer" is better for myself to be judged. When I was kid I imagined myself as a conglomerate who has a swimming pool, some cars, and bring my parents abroad regularly. Fantastic right? yeah but the craziest thing is... I keep dreaming big till now. When I was 18 I imagined my name were put on Forbes in my 30.

But, I know, the fact is as not sweet as my imagination. Now I am already 20. And I achieve nothing. Actually it ain't nothing, I am so grateful with what I achieve this far. Fortunately God gives me everything. But what I am thinking now is..... What does my life mean if I only think to achieve something just for myself? Achieving something for myself is something pity for me.

Well I want to say something cliche, "Life is about giving". Giving, giving, and giving. Now, in my 20, I undergo a growing mindset. I tend to do everything to help others. I really understand about "giving" when I was 20. Too old? Yeah. I used to be selfish before 20. Ok, pardon my young phase. But now I really feel it. I often helped others with my deep heartfelt feeling. Then I introspect myself, I should be useful for others. What is my purpose of life? Just seeing myself on Forbes list? What a pity.... No, It's not my real goal. My real goal is not getting money as much as possible, but helping people as big as possible. Sharing my fortune to the unfortunates. That is my end and biggest goal in life. I realized it in my 20! I was happy when I could help people around me. It was really my biggest pleasure. I entertained a lot because of it.

My end-semester holiday

I have bunch of holidays in this semester and last semester. Okay, some people keep asking me why you don't go for vacation. Well, I am too speechless to answer those kind of questions LOL. Okay, I have a business in handmade shoes which my business is about empowering local craftsman. Unfortunately, my craftsmen is considered as....  poor people. (I'm not supposed to write poor but I cant find another word other than unfortunate hmm pardon my poor vocabs). Thus, if I spent my 2 weeks for holiday, it would just entertain myself, and I don't know but my conscience said no to holiday. I could spend my 2 weeks holiday to focus on my business so my vendors still have a job to do and ofcourse they got their income. In the other hand, If I leave my 2 weeks for vacation, my business is not growing and my vendors don't deserve the increasing income.  Well, maybe it's kind of funny reason but in the deep of my heart I am happier to see my vendors prosperous rather than a fun vacation. Am I a freak guy? Yes, I don't blame anyone who judges me as that.

Sharing our fortunate to unfortunates is not a sacrifice for me. I see it as a grace from God. Everything that's given to me is something from God that we get to share to others. I keep believing it. I love God, I love you all.

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