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Rabu, 25 Mei 2016

Push Myself!!!

I hate of being lazy. I hate of being unproductive. I have to push myself till my limit. Till I am going to die. I always imagine myself to do something big in the future. My effort must be double, even triple than other excellent people.

Today I just swam, I don't know how many miles I have passed. I don't count it, what I focus was I have to pass as far as I can, till I feel about to die. I am tired now, I want to sleep, but sleeping is just wasting time. I just spoil myself, no I don't want. I have to create a better habit. I have to set a higher level of my regular activities.

I want to do something huge for the world, I want to be a billionaire, I want to contribute much to society. I have to push myself.

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