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Rabu, 25 Mei 2016

How to deal with HATE feeling

The feeling when you deal with someone who's annoying, extremely negative, spoiled, liar, betrayer, and super fake is like you are about to slap on his/her face. Unfortunately I have (and I think always have -_-) this kind of being in my regular life. It sometimes makes me getting at my highest point of peeved or anger. That's one of feeling I hate the most. I always find a way how to control my hate feeling. How to always see someone's positives. How to not be naturally sensing someone's negatives. How to not hating someone. ??

I know, I realize, HATE is not always be because of someone else. It might be the indicator of our own personalities. Maybe I am a sensitive person who can easily feel someone's negative. But I don't wanna be like that :( I wanna have peace to all. Some people sometimes put me in disadvantages. Some people are happy to see me at my lowest point. Some people hurt me. Some people betray me. But honestlyyyyyy I don't wanna hate them. It makes me feel sorrow. How to be someone who is hurt but she can deal with that? I don't wanna hate people, but why the hate feeling always appear on my mind.

I love everyone. I want to express my forgiveness to everyone. I am seeking for peace. I love you all.

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